Top 10 Corrections Solution Providers - 2019

Top 10 Corrections Solution Providers - 2019

The corrections field faces several challenges. Some of the prominent ones include prison overcrowding, funding gaps, staff safety/ inmate violence, and staff retention. Due to these challenges, the government is struggling to provide the level of regulation and immediacy needed to help prisoners successfully re-enter the community. Technology here plays a vital role as it has the potential to help address these issues, at least at some length. For instance, customized mobile apps can enable police officers to supervise individuals on parole better and check if their conduct is good or bad. In addition, the breakthrough in medical science through telemedicine and video visitation can help deliver enhanced healthcare and increase educational and visitation opportunities for people under supervision.

Similarly, body-worn cameras record things that police officers do while on duty. These recording devices play a significant role for state lawmakers as they consider and pass legislation to address police-community relations. Advanced analytics can also be utilized lawfully to collect information from different sources, including prisoner records and information on notorious associates or gang affiliations. Moreover, advanced analytics can be helpful when ascertaining which prisoners could be vulnerable to radicalization. Other than these, technology can help focus on improvements in some other key areas such as allotment of resources within correctional agencies to lower costs, improve staff management and reduce injuries, and collaboration between state, local, tribal and federal correctional and other criminal justice agencies.

To realize the full potential of technological advancements in correction space, agencies need partners who can understand their requirements and suggest the right solutions and strategies. Sometimes service providers do more than just delivering solutions; they also offer flexible approaches that add more value and support. In the last few months, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VPs, industry analysts and Government CIO Outlook’s editorial board has reviewed the most promising service provider in the market. We present to you ‘Top 10 Corrections Solution Providers – 2019.’

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Attenti Attenti’s family of solutions makes managing multi-programs more effective on every level
CorrectTech Offers integrated software platform and support services for residential, treatment, juvenile justice, pretrial, probation, and federal contract re-entry programs
Crossbar Electronic Cigarettes Manufactures e-cigarettes specifically designed for use by inmates in correctional facilities
Dynamic Imaging Systems Provides comprehensive photo imaging, biometric and wireless handheld solutions to the law enforcement and corrections communities
GTL Provides visionary solutions and customized products that integrate seamlessly to deliver security, financial value, and ease of operation
HomeWAV Home provides simple, secure inmate communication solutions
JailTracker Promotes communication, mitigates risk, and optimizes staff and facility resources through visionary solutions
Marquis software Marquis provides industry leading, enterprise wide, integrated solutions to the Corrections Industry
Radianse Provides intelligent solutions for healthcare by automatically collecting and processing real-time location data, movement history, associations and relationship information on high-value assets
RSD Security Scanners Provides high efficiency loss prevention, weapons screening and security detection products utilizing the latest cutting edge technology